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Interior doors are one of the most visible design elements in your home and offer a visual impact that should not be undervalued.  When choosing your interior décor, your chosen door will impact your decision on textures and finishes at a later stage.

Style, budget, material and durability, are just a few of the points to consider.

Doors can be pre-hung or sold separately.  A pre-hung door-set comes mounted in a frame, routed out to receive the ironmongery, saving time & cost.

Whether building or re-modelling your home, taking the time to consider the selection of your internal doors is well worth the added effort and time.  Why not give us a call or drop into our showroom to view the wide variety of choices available.

Guide To Standard Door Sizes

Fire Door Option Available - Door and Timber Suppliesindicates fire rated option available.

Oak Door Collection

American white oak is a popular choice as an interior door to finish any home.  Oak doors can be supplied in a multitude of designs to cater for the modern or more traditional look.  The natural tones of oak will create warmth in a room.

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Oak Door Collection - Door & Timber Supplies - Solid Oak Doors
Walnut Door Collection - Door & Timber Supplies - Solid Walnut Doors

Walnut Door Collection

Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary style we are sure our walnut door range will have something for you.  American Walnut has a rich and inviting tone and can range in shades from mellow to dramatic.  It has long been a popular choice for door finishes.

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Primed Door Collection

Explore our extensive range of primed doors.  Painted doors are clean, elegant and timeless and will compliment any interior house design.  An increasingly popular choice for a brighter airier feel to your home.

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Primed Door Collection - Door & Timber Supplies - Solid Primed Doors

It’s Important For Us That Customers Are Satisfied In Making The Right Choice

Consider the many options for your home, from solid oak to walnut, teak and mahogany and the many glazing options also available. The doors come in either prefinished or paint grade options.

For the contemporary interior, why not choose from one of our shaker doors or the classic traditional style, a panelled paint grade option. We are renowned for our doors and door finishing quality.

Consider our full range and find out more by contacting us today!

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